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For stylish and professional catered dining the only choice for your events in Lancashire should be Hog Roast Rawtenstall. Our mode of authentic hog roast dining with a high style and level of service has seen us accelerate over the last 2 decades to being the number one hog roast caterer in the UK. Our customers continually choose us because they know that we can turn out a high-quality catered service that does all it needs to help raise the bar on events. With better dining comes better events, and with Hog Roast Rawtenstall you get the very best events around.

Hog Roast RawtenstallEveryone knows that poor dining at an event can sour the whole affair, but similarly the magic of dining is that an excellent meal can really make the day, so of course when picking a caterer you are going to want to do all you can to ensure you make the right choice. Hog Roast Rawtenstall’s customers have come to expect a high degree of service from us. That comes from our very own demands which have always strived over the last twenty years to do more and make new inroads with innovative technology and new approaches to service. The result has been a catered experience that is so utterly refined at this point it works like clockwork.

When choosing Hog Roast Rawtenstall  you’ll get a team at your event with a high level of skill and experience as well as a dedication and a professional attitude to ensuring that your event has all it needs from a food and service standpoint. While our chefs are cooking up a fresh hog roast or any number of incredible roast delights, succulent salads, potatoes every which way, your barbecued favourites, light platters and flavourful bites, our service team will be accommodating guests with drinks and lighter bites as and when they are freshly available (provided you have opted for this kind of service), and getting your day warmed up with a pleasant and welcoming personality.

Hog Roast RawtenstallThat kind of attitude extends right through our service, from the moment you call or message our team to our final pack up at the end of our catered service at your event. By contacting us today you will be put in touch with a member of the Hog Roast Rawtenstall service team who will help you to pick out a menu and service option that is right for your event. From there we can keep on tinkering until you have your own bespoke catered menu for your event, all for a fair and flexible price. Even if you are still weighing your options Hog Roast Rawtenstall can still provide you with free quotes on the types of services that we can offer your event, allowing you to see what working with us will be like.

But of course it all has to begin with that first point of contact – so fortunately there are a few options to help you get started with Hog Roast Rawtenstall today! You’ll find us on all the major social sites where you can message us and get a quick response on any queries you may have, or you can message our site via our enquiry form, or indeed email or phone us too for a direct line to our team. Whichever way works for you, Hog Roast Rawtenstall are ready to listen and serve today!