Hog Roast Machines Hire

Hog Roast Machine Hire

Hog Roast Burnley are the local leading experts in all matters hog roast related. Whether you want us to cater for your event or you would like to use our equipment to do your own catering, we are here to help. Alongside our popular hog roast event catering services, we also provide a machine hire service, offering flexible and affordable use of state-of-the-art hog roast catering equipment which will never let you down. Whether you are a professional caterer or an amateur chef hoping to wow your guests at an upcoming party you are hosting, having one of our trusty hog roast machines at your side is guaranteed to give your clients or guests a memorable meal and a fantastic time.

Hire A Market Leading Hog Roast Machine That Meets Your Needs

A hog roast is a brilliant catering option for any outdoor event no matter the size. If you want to do your own catering, being the chef for the day will never be more fun or hassle-free than doing your own hog roast. A natural focal point for any occasion, what better way to get the party started and encourage your guests to mingle? The sleek yet highly functional design of our hog roast machines will provide an eye-catching centrepiece for your event and add a touch of theatre to the food preparation. You won’t need to worry about being in the spotlight whilst you prepare the food, as our equipment is so user-friendly and flexible that you can let it work its magic for you whilst you focus on your diners, safe in the knowledge that the end result will be a melt in the mouth slow cooked hog that is oozing with flavour.

Hog Roast Burnley’s machines are designed and made at our head office in Northwest England using the highest calibre of components. Our reliable, multi-functional and robust equipment can be used in any setting and for a variety of purposes in addition to helping you to achieve the perfect hog roast. We have models that differ in capacity depending on how many people you are feeding, as well as a range of innovative attachments and extra features to maximise the efficiency and performance of the machine and enable you to prepare a variety of other dishes too. This includes the traditional spit roast model for slow and delicate cooking for the hog as it turns continuously, a rotisserie style set up for cooking whole chickens, BBQ attachments if you would like to rustle up some flame grilled favourites, as well as the option to prepare a selection of hot side dishes and jacket potatoes too. Whatever you want from the machine you hire, Hog Roast Burnley will make sure you get it.

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Flexible And Convenient Hog Roast Hire Packages

We offer flexible terms on our Hog Roast Burnley machine hire packages, giving you a cost-effective and convenient service from beginning to end. After selecting the right machine for your needs, we will deliver it to your preferred venue and offer you full tuition on how to operate the machine and get the most out of its performance. We can also provide gas canisters to power the machine if required, and don’t worry if you are unsure about where to source the best pork from – we can take care of this too by providing you with a superior free-range hog from our own suppliers. When you have finished with the machine, we will also come back to collect it and take care of giving it a deep clean, so you don’t need to spend time and energy doing this yourself.

We offer short term hire packages and longer term lets, depending on your needs and whether you want the machine for a single event or to cater at a festival or series of events for example.

Impressive And Stress-Free Self Catering For Parties

Doing your own hog roast is the ultimate way for hosts to show off their culinary skills and create a memorable occasion for any outdoor event. If you are using a Hog Roast Burnley machine, you won’t have to spend all night sweating in the kitchen to impress your guests – you can let our hog roast machine do that for you! Don’t worry if you have never attempted anything like this before – we will give you all the guidance you need and the machine will do the rest. Our clients who hire a hog roaster for private parties love the experience and often go on to do it again!

Try Before You Buy

If you are professional caterer or an amateur chef who regularly hosts large outdoor parties, hiring a hog roast machine to try out yourself is the best way of knowing whether it is the right piece of kit for you. You can take the time you need to get acquainted with your hog roaster before making the decision, with our team always on hand to chat about your options too.

Hog roast catering is an exciting, efficient and affordable way of catering for any outdoor occasion, so if you are interested in hiring a Hog Roast Burnley machine, please get in touch with us to receive a free quote!