Areas We Cover

In Lancashire we have it all. From the seaside views and the thrills of Blackpool pier to the country beauty further out North and West, with the Lune and Ribble Valleys and the Forest of Bowland boasting excellent nature walks, peaceful views, hiking and cycling trails; there is something for everyone to enjoy here in Lancashire. Rich in history, a welcome site for folk musicians and even some of the biggest names in pop and rock (we can still lay some claim to The Beatles as Lancashire residents before Liverpool changed districts), and a fine summer’s stay for both beach holidays and country getaways.

The same goes for our culinary traditions where we boast the great Lancashire hot pot, our own Lancashire cheese, an Eccles cake and so much more great British grub. Something for every taste.

At Hog Roast Lancaster these variations in Lancashire is part of what we love about working to events in this great county. No event is ever the same as all manner of tastes and preferences comes through our door – and of course as leading event caterers in the county we are plenty well equipped to acquiesce to all varying needs! Our event catering capabilities cover all of Lancashire, ensuring that no matter the type of Lancashire you love you can still get the best catering in the county with Hog Roast Lancaster!

Hog Roast Lancaster offers as diverse a catered menu for your events as Lancashire’s county personality. Of course there are the classic favourites that we all love, similar to how everyone loves a piece of Blackpool’s famous amusements, but with Hog Roast Lancaster you can eat at events your way with many exciting, fresh, and brilliant dishes made special to your events! We know you love the Lancashire hot pot here but allow us to work our magic with our renowned hog roast which will satisfy all your meaty demands and then some while also putting on quite a show at your event. With the hog roast of our name we cook in the authentic spit roast style, bringing a fiery spectacle to your event that somehow tastes even better than it looks.

Joining the hog roast are a whole host of accompaniments – it doesn’t have to be a lone little piggy! Enjoy your favourites with our own Hog Roast Lancaster gourmet twist, enjoy tastes of the American south or the Mediterranean, enjoy fresh sides, salads and superb servings of top-quality British meats, prepared and cooked in magnificent style for even better tastes. Enjoy the best in all of catered dining at your next event, wherever you are in Lancashire, with Hog Roast Lancaster today.